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    Calla Lily Wedding Flower Packages


    A Calla Lily bridal bouquet is the epitome of elegance. They are a classic wedding flower for a bride who wants to portray simple elegance. Traditionally, white calla lilies have been the classic choice; however, the current availability of callas in a wide variety of colors opens up a number of bouquet options.

    Many brides opt for the …

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    Civil Wedding Flower Packages


    Civil Ceremony Wedding are becoming increasingly popular in Ireland. Typically these are more intimate events with a smaller number of family and friends present.

    Wedding flower requirements are also a little more scaled back. Weddings take place in Register Offices every day and generally they are suitably decorated and most will have at least one flower arrangement. …

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    Freesia Wedding Flower Packages


    This dainty freesia bridal bouquet is small, but exquisite. Filled with white freesia and sweetheart roses, it is accented with blue and white muscari. The greenery is trailing spengeri. Finish with a sheer ribbon for a bridal bouquet that is heaven!

    Freesia has a divine scent and comes in many colors, including white, pink, lavender, yellow and rust.

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    Marquee Wedding Flower Packages


    Marquee weddings are starting to beome very popular here in Ireland. Choosing the right flowers really can transform a marquee and create a fantastic athmosphere to match the occasion.

    We have a lot of experience with Marquee Wedding Flowers and one of the most important things to remember is that it can get quite hot and humid inside a …

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    Midweek Wedding Flowers


    Ten years ago, the idea of planning a weekday wedding was unthinkable. Today, due in large part to the substantial savings involved, it has become not only commonplace, but has spurred another wedding industry trend. We offer a range of wedding packages for weddings that take place during the week (Monday to Thursday)

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    Rose Bouquet Wedding Packages


    Rose come in a large range of colours and species, and available almost all-year round make this flower the most versatile.

    Practically any type of rose can be used in bridal bouquets, but most of the common ones are Black Baccara, Avant-garde, Milano, Aqua, Sweet Akito, Bianca and Avalanche roses.

    • White rose – the rose of purity and innocence
    • …